Photo of the Day: August 8th

Wonderstrike and Princess (Majesty II’s own new identity) wake in a big white box. Trouble lies ahead in ‘Test Subjects’ – This weekend!


  • Love the new suit! Different enough from the old one to stand out, without being “too” different.
    Interesting collar on Wonderstrike 😀
    These two had great chemistry in “Dimensional Rip”, so I’m looking forward to seeing them together again 🙂

  • The regular releases are great, however I do feel there has been a loss of quality with regards to the filmmaking as a result. For example, if a heroine is lifted by her throat we no longer get a shot of her feet dangling above the ground which really sells the move. Hopefully these types of shot will come back soon.

    • This is very dependent upon personnel in the room at the time. When we do these shots we really hate it if they don’t match, if we can’t make it match, then we’d rather not have it.

  • Yes ! 2 of my favorite NGC characters ! I think that this is the first time that we see the Princess actress wearing pantyhose 🙂

  • Was hoping for a Majesty I vs Majesty II in a semi friendly match to see who gets to keep the name and costume and who needs to make a change. Either way love both and am excited for this video.

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