• Considering nobody looks better taking a beat down than Shining Spirit, and because she fights for “The Light”, it seems only natural That Nemesis should give her a lopsided thrashing. Ideally breaking her spine and her spirit.

    In lieu of that, Midnight or Dominator would be fun to see.

  • Dangerous David Dicks says:

    Totally agree.
    She is such an interesting character. She’s so self-righteous and yet somewhat smart-mouthed and cocky at the same time. Need to see one of the baddies stomp a mud hole in her.

  • Well how about LightStalker, now that she supposedly has been Installed with a Special Atomic Device thanks to KILLSCAPE medical Proceedure

    with that kind of power it would most likely be a One sided Pulverizing 🙂

  • TBH, I’d rather see it be more give and take, than a one-sided pulverizing. I think the Shining Spirit actress is one of the best fighters in the history of the site, and I love to see her kick at least a bit of ass in any video, even if only briefly.

  • Charlie Zeng says:

    Power-Woman, her muscle and her might make her a formidable and good opponent against Shining Spirit. Plus, Power-Woman definitely deserves more appearance.

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