Photo of the Day: December 16th

Deceptress & Starshot ran into each other a few times in season 4, ultimately forming a good partnership… Although it didn’t go so well when Deceptress tried to help Starshot in the ring against the Dominator…. Double-KO!


  • I miss old Dominator a bit… Dont understand me wrong, I believe new videos are really great. But sometimes I miss movies like old Dominator Championship – full of pain, hits (included those dirty ones, which I like for themself, and also for their rarity – low blow for example dont happends often here, and it hurts heroines physically and mentally – they dont used to such “treatment”) , and of course full of humiliation. And sadistic enjoyment of such action from villain side. Erica was perfect target and really great actress there. As always in fact…She was great in every situation.
    I hope you have something spicy for future 😉

  • Ah, Starshot… She had a few excellent team-ups, but I think my favorite was when she and Virtue faced off against the Iron Drone and Malicia Divine (in her villainess debut).

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