Photo of the Day: December 17th

‘The Acolyte’ – Our new STORY video, is out TODAY on this website! How did Lady X fare against this new and vicious villain? Not long to wait to find out!


  • I usually take issue with the shade of purple/violet in Lady X costume, but under these intense lights of the photoshoot I quite like it!

    (May be a daltonism thing don’t mind me much)

  • This was another first rate performance by the actress known here as lady X. Currently, I’ll get anything that has her in it. I got this one in spite of the villain. I’m sorry, but listening to his voice makes my throat hurt. His voice did give me an idea for a followup video, though. You could have him fighting Lady X’s old friend Sin. My notion is that she lets him defeat her, and goads him into using his mental powers to torture her for information she tells him that she has, and then uses her own mental powers to cause him to turn his powers on himself. I would love to hear that grating throat rattle emit a sudden roar of pain and surprize. You could end the video with Sin sending a video phone message to Killscape, as you hear Acolyte screaming in self-inflicted agony in the background.

  • I know I’m waaaaay late commenting on this, but I couldn’t pass it up. The Guardian Angels saga is a juicy plotline, happy to see it return in the main story. Killscape mentioned Lightstalker and Lady Atom’s “departures”, something about Alias, and Shining Spirit, but nothing of Patriot-Girl. Is she not with the Angels anymore? She seemed like Killscape’s favorite, or at least his most reliable, given her ability to brush off any contradictions between what she believes and what she experiences. With the Angels program unraveling along with Killscape’s state of mind, I’m very curious what will become of its members, especially now that Killscape is showing his true colors.
    This is a consequential entry in the story, but first and foremost it’s a brutal fight between Lady X and the latest menace on the scene. Acolyte (now we know where he gets the name!) is an especially dangerous villain, since he’s at least as malicious as he is powerful. He’s appearing again this week fighting Wonderstrike, but I hope he returns to the main story soon, since the infection plot seems to be winding down.
    Meanwhile, wow… Lady X is a really talented performer. Excellent actor, terrific physical skills, great looking, just awesome all around. The character has really come into focus as well, which bodes well for the future.

    • The line that didn’t include Patriot-Girl was just missed by everyone, there isn’t a sinister reason behind it, he just didn’t mention her, I think that is what happened. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it, as I’ve said and am happy to keep repeating, she is doing a fantastic job for us and it is very pleasing that people notice.

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