Photo of the Day: December 26th

Whether or not is about to take-off with her, or drop her, she doesn’t seem to want to go! Visitor – Part 2 is out TODAY on this website!



    So the ending kinda felt like a farewell. I hope she isn’t leaving us again. Please say that she will be back!

    • She will be back, but it is probably the end of her in the main story. If my use of people becomes irregular I can’t really include them in that anymore. Everything ends.

      • That’s totally understandable. It’s good to know that we can expect her back in the non-cannon occasionally. I was devastated when she left the first time, but really glad that she came back!

  • Great photo, I love the expression on her face. Absolutely gorgeous, but completely helpless and about to receive a brutal backbreaker.

  • I finally got a chance to see this, another exceptional video! My only quibble is that it’s just not believable. Celestia is unreasonably attractive. Totally unrealistic. That goes double for the photoset.

  • Not sure where to post this, but I didn’t really like the neck-snapping endings for Miracle Maiden & the alt ending neck snapping of Celestia. It does give a sense of finality, but don’t really like it. Other sites already offer this element. Not sure what others think.

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