Photo Of The Day: December 28th

“Wanna fight?” – Which other heroine could Comet Girl definitely beat up?


  • I feel like she would be able to beat all of them given her powers. And actually, the one person who she probably wouldn’t beat is Sonica. In an enclosed space there’s nowhere for Comet Girl to run to or escape Sonica’s scream thus naturalizing Comet Girl’s speed. Spectrum would be an interesting match up too. Her red and purple power wouldn’t work but her yellow power seems specifically designed to deal with people like Comet Girl.

    • Yes, Spectrum’s yellow power would be useful. She’d have to completely deal with her in the time it is effective though, as I don’t think any of the others would help.

  • I think Sister Fate would be an interesting match-up for Comet Girl.
    Tenacity and Speed vs Ruthlessness and a high degree of fighting skill.
    As long as Comet Girl could use her speed to keep herself in an advantageous position, I think she would eventually take out Sister Fate, but if she takes a wrong turn, or zigs where she should’ve zagged and allows Sister Fate to get ahold of her, things could get grim for Comet Girl pretty quickly.

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