Photo of the Day: December 29th

Ubiquity wondering what that remote does. It won’t be good, she knows that much.


  • Sorry for the random place to post this…
    Has something happened to the numbering again?
    I noticed today’s video said Solo Mission 67-2, which confused me, as by my counting it should be 68.
    So, looking in the Solo Mission menu, I notice both “Powerthief” and “Reputational Damage” are listed as number 64, causing the numbers after to be off by 1 from what I had them as. I didn’t notice this at the time.

    • This is to align it with solo missions, and it will be number 67. It went wrong when after releasing the product to members I decided that ‘Test Subjects’ shouldn’t be in the solo mission list because it was a duo video. I should have been able to just change the item number, but when you do that it removes all sales of the old item number from the record (stupidly) and so my records would thereafter have been wrong, which is more important to me.

      Oh it might have been the ones you mentioned, anyway, changing the item number after releasing to people is like punching yourself in the face for all eternity, for no good reason, so I’m trying to fix it this way.

      • I recall the mix-up with “Test Subjects”, and that was quickly fixed, and the numbers back put on track. And, as far as I was aware, the numbers were still on track.

        Not including today’s video, there are currently 67 videos in the Solo Mission menu with “Becoming the Machine” being the 67th (and it’s correctly numbered as 67 on the download, I just checked). Today’s video will the the 68th video
        The numbers in the download emails weren’t the issue. They were all right. It’s just the numbering on the website that’s gone astray, with “Powerthief” and “Reputational Damage” both being listed as number 64.
        “Reputational Damage” should be 65, “Prisoner” should be 66, “Becoming the Machine” should be 67, (just as they were on the download file)
        and “Rookie Corruption” should be 68.

        As far as I can tell, the item numbers (that effect sales) were all correct, and it’s just the numbered titles on the website (which shouldn’t effect anything, I hope) that were wrong.

        Sorry for babbling… I know what I mean in my head… I’m just having difficulty wording it 😆

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