Photo of the Day: December 30th

Who, in your opinion, has Malicia been most malicious to?


  • Virtue is definitely a good answer. Making her evil and a personal slave is pretty malicious. Still, I like to think Malicia just unlocked a part of Virtue’s true personality, plus Virtue ended up free and more powerful than ever. Starshot is another tempting answer, given how often they faced each other, but Starshot gave… well, not as good as she got, but she had her moments against Malicia.
    My answer is Majesty (the First). According to what we heard in the Championship episode with her sister, Majesty’s run-in with Malicia *ended her career*. At least that’s one story. I like to think that Majesty and Spectrum are both still bound to a five-season contract performing as pitiful versions of themselves in the hit VTV series “Mighty Heroines of Destiny” for… Malicia Divine.

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