• During the video I was thinking it’d be a fun mini character arc if she (or anyone) got beaten definitively by Nemesis, but he lets her go. From then on, whenever she goes to fight crime, she can only transform into a costume of his choosing that she despises, like that PG on, along with having her powers slightly compromised in some way.

      Then when he gets bored of watching her lose over and over he finishes the job and traffics her away.

      • I still like our infinitely perfect Patriot Girl be Patriot Girl haha, but it definitely would not be a bad idea for her or the actress to dive into the PG role and see how it’s like.

    • LOL! I was going to congradulate NGC on having the foresight to put Patriot Girl in the Spectrum outfit, but yeah, “Power Girl” works too! =D

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