Photo Of The Day: February 10th

Sonica managed to escape the Crown Prince’s lair with the disk, but are her problems only just beginning? ‘Sleeper Cell’ is out this weekend!


  • Sonica was undoubtedly one of the best additions of all time. Besides to being beautiful and sexy, her look is one of the most striking. This outfit was perfect, although I also like the current one very much (it would be interesting to return the classic as an optional outfit. She would be more complete with both outfits, like Deceptress. It’s just a idea). I must also add that, besides to love the actress’s performance very much, she seems to be willing to become one of the most iconic heroines from NGC universe. And I think we all appreciate the dedication. Just let more videos of her come. <3

  • Oh I think she could be in real trouble;I mean, is the disc compatible with the Elite Force operating system? And if so, is it password protected? 😉

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