Photo of the Day: February 12th

I don’t think her hair has ever looked better. Like a shampoo commercial.


  • Her hair, and herself, always look amazing when it’s down and loose. Her hair looks particulary amazing in her Marvelette videos where she has it even straigher, and epecialy when she takes punches heir hair flies amazingly and looks utterly stunning.

    This is why i wish this actress should be in video where she takes one sided beatings made of dozens and dozens, even more than a hundred punches, like we see in such Fem Fight sites like Fekistudio, Lora’s Studio, sometimes in Sexy Fight Dreams and especially FightGirlz 2000.

    Non-stop facepunching Fem Fights are severely under-represented and strangely absent in the FEm Fight world of today. It should be the norm and not the exception.

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