• I dont know you guys but for me is not only her best but The Best!
    I love every detail of this costume. The colors are in great tones and the basic combination of the blue predominance in contrast with the red of the boots, belt, bracelets, shoulder pads and the cape (removable) adorned with golden stars and an Elite Force symbol over the belly makes me believe that this is the best. Also, it has the flexibility to open and close, from the cleavage to the neck. That’s very sexy! Even though I really liked her latest outfit, Miss Freedom is on another level when she wears this work of art.

    BONUS: it works in every heroine!

  • Sweet Lord! 😮
    I agree 100% 🙂

    Hmm… is this from an unreleased set?
    I thought it looked familiar, but when I went and looked through my archive (getting pretty huge now 😆 ) the only photo-sets I could find of her on that backdrop was her in the blue Power-Girl style suit, and in the Spectrum costume (both amazing sets, btw)

    So either I overlooked it somehow, or it’s yet to be released

      • Excellent! 😀 I look forward to seeing it

        Plus, hunting back through my archive was a good excuse to revisit those previous two sets again (and they both contain some of your very best “comfy chair” shots. Wow! )

  • Yes! Easily the best costume for her. Really missing the unzipped catsuit look for NGC heroines – Comet Girl was another favourite. This outfit style isn’t common anymore 🙁 Hopefully we see this look return for other heroines one day?

  • In my mind that costume was the sign she went from “girl” and naive to the proper leader of Elite Force. Like first time wearing pants instead of shorts for a Victorian kid ^^

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