• I want to see a fight between her and Deceptress. I think it’d be cool to see an illusionist fight someone who can make copies of themself.
    Maybe Dreamweaver drops the illusion to attack a weakened Deceptress just to find a duplicate ready to ambush her. Do the duplicates see where the real Dreamweaver is or do they see the illusion as well but a different version of it for each duplicate? Assuming the illusions only affect one person at a time. Do the duplicates count as separate people or separate parts of the same person where Dreamweaver’s powers are concerned?
    It’d be cool to see it as a VTV episode where one of them has been mind controlled or they’re both forced to fight. It’d be fun to watch the game of cat and mouse unfold inside an abandonded warehouse. Each having to find a way to outsmart the other as they get frustrated finding copies and illusions of each other without fighting the real thing. Their fight taking them from room to room setting up and walking into each other’s ambushes over and over again. Until they do the final battle with the real version. I dunno I’d probably nerd out over that fight.

    • It could be interesting, if we were able to stop it from being really confusing. I’ve never thought about it, but my inclination is that the clones would also be tricked by the illusion as they come from Deceptress and don’t know things that she’s unaware of. So, separate parts of the same person.

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