Photo of the Day: February 20th

Ubiquity on the day of her debut… it has been quite a tough road so far for the ‘Invisible Girl’.


  • Can’t really say much more than what’s already been said.
    Her grit and determination for justice are matched only by her beauty and grace.
    A much more capable heroine, than she initially appears.

  • The topic of costume-swap videos recently came up, and I’d like to suggest that Ubiquity would be a perfect choice for such a video in the future.
    Since she’s never done a photo-set-Tuesday, we’ve never had the chance to see her get involved in any costume swapping fun.

    Off the top of my head, the Dark Bluebird suit and the sparkly Celestia suit are ones I think she’d look amazing in.

    But, hey, it’s entirely up to you 😉

  • Definitely one of, if not, my favorite actresses on the current roster. The actresses always look great and it’s no different here, but she also happens to sell the exact way that I like.

    I would love to see her in a “Multiverse Mutations” sequel vid where Requiem annihilates her over and over again, lol. Is the Requiem actress even still around, though? Haven’t seen her in a while. Need her to put these actresses through the ringer like Lady X and Deceptress.

  • It would be nice if she had another power such as a limited ability to project force fields (like the Invisible Woman) as invisibility can only do so much against the super baddies 🙂

  • Agree with everyone here that she’s really terrific. She has the full complement of skills and looks that make so many heroines great on this site, but for me she stands out because she’s so… likeable. I think she’s just got a special quality that makes you feel for her as she’s getting ruthlessly destroyed.
    This actress was a standout in the UPL (link on the main page) before making the leap to NGC for those who might not know. If you’re a fan and haven’t checked that out, she’s in a couple of the best fights on that site.

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