Photo of the Day: February 25th

She will return in 2022… But who would you have her fight?


  • Sometimes I miss old specyfic ‘climate’ on ring, when enter proud heroine, and she was totally ashamed… thats it – not only beaten, but also ashamed. Dominator was great, I loved Erica thx to those movies. She was not only beating, but also force to surrender, suffer, ask for mercy… I like those things very much. Although I also like Nemesis, he always give good beating, but it is… less personal?
    I think it is a good word. I hope for more personal (and cruel), total domination of proud Majesty.

  • I wish there was some sort of parasitic villain who could steal power through touch, focing the heroes to fight from creatively (although their power would be pointless when wearing boxing gloves).

    • Yes, this is a fantastic idea. IIRC, the villain in Tough Justice II who faced off against Spectrum and Infinity Girl (Maelstrom) had a power like that. I can’t remember whether it required touch or whether just being near him drained strength from the heroines, but as they fought him they got progressively weaker until he was easily dominating both of them. The actor who played him just appeared in “Power of the Powerless” so he could conceivably return, I guess.

    • Yes, I would get emails regularly about how could a superheroine as supposedly powerful as Spectrum keep getting absolutely squashed in all her videos. I have plenty of sympathy with that, but people kept flippin’ voting for it!

      • Perhaps Spectrum’s most glaring vulnerability is her hubris? Like she was too cocksure of herself that she threw prudence out of the window when she challenged Majesty I – who was actually the stronger of the two, albeit marginally – to a test of strength, which resulted in Spectrum end up on the receiving end of a mini beating.

        The lightsider’s exceptional innate physical abilities/powers can only do so much when she constantly gets ahead of herself – by design or chance, this is an oddly satisfying character flaw! Long may Spectrum be the reason behind her crushing defeats (I remain hopeful for her return; after all, her encounter with Nemesis is too short to be considered a classic one-sided heroine-vs-villain battle).

        In the meantime, the time until Majesty II gets back in action cannot tick past quick enough.

      • I think if Spectrum had won a bit more, the defeats would have had a bit more meaning – they would have felt a bit more spectacular, if that makes any sense! I think it was just a bit of bad luck that the actress seemed to be available more for the throwaway championship or VTV stuff (where losing mattered less and the outcomes were often voted for) and not for the big storylines – maybe that’s why she seemed to be so over-hyped? In any case, hope we see her again one day, winning or losing 🙂

        • I echo your view, the Black Market two-parter where Spectrum had things going her way in the first part but got steamrolled in the second one springs to mind. But if I remember correctly, Spectrum has had a fair share of wins recorded under her name – she played a big role in the demise of Myanna in season 4’s finale, tapped out Celestia in the on-going story, and disabled a cyborg in a side mission. Her win-loss ratio outside of the Championship is probably more presentable than others? Besides, losing to Sister Fate, the Dominator, Anvil and Nemesis in the Championship isn’t exacting unthinkable. But then again, I agree that Spectrum gets over-hyped for the reason suggested by you and that we’d just like to see her (and other heroines, of course) in action again no matter how she fares in her fights.

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