• She was incredible!
    A key part of season 4, and an amazing performer. She even showed some great comedic chops in two outstanding VTV appearances (“Tough Justice II” is still my most re-watched video 😆 )

    Nice timing with this post… I’m actually just in the middle of some Infinity Girl fan art 🙂

  • I miss her. Infinity Girl’s fight in the Towering Doom episode was epic. And as an actress, somehow she’s even more gorgeous on video than in still images.

    One of the good ones, for sure.

  • Infinity Girl is one of my most missed departures. She was a great actress, stage fighter, and beautiful, but that’s true of lots of NGC performers. IG was one of a handful of NGC actresses who had an X-factor for me that made them special favorites. It’s some particular type of charm or aura on screen that makes a few actresses stand out to me. I’m sure lots of fans could say the same about one or more performers.

    • Yes this was all a bit frustrating because she actually lived in London for 5 years, but we didn’t meet until that last year. She’d never seen my casting calls, and I’d obviously never seen her anywhere. If we’d found each other sooner there would have been more. That said, we could only make so many videos, so it would have resulted in less of someone else!

  • She had one of the more interesting superpowers on the roster. Would have been nice to see it explored further (especially with Killscape’s drone).

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