Photo of the Day: January 12th

Metro-Girl is getting Enforced! I don’t know if that caption makes grammatical sense, but I think you get the meaning.


  • I remember seeing a new version of Metro Girl suit in a photoset Tuesday.

    Will that one be getting a spin in a video or will it remain photo only?

    • Probably photo only unless I can get a smaller one. It was one of those imports where you tell them the size you want and then just cross your fingers. Perhaps I’ll get my costume maker to take it in a bit or make a new one based on it. You can make it look good in photos.

      • Oh hope you do it! I remember being different than the one here, but looked GOOD on Cap Liberty actress. Wouldn’t mind the original Metro Girl or a new face taking it for a spin either but that depends on the size they sent you I guess. Seems you may have a Cinderella shoe situation at hand ^^

        (And having a close friend who is a tailor and can adjust and repair my clothes is a blessing, so I know good tailor/costume maker can make wonders with sub optimal base material! Would just love it stays a full bodysuit and not turning it into a leotard)

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