Photo of the Day: January 14th

Only 24 hours before the lengthy Miracle Maiden gift ceases to exist…. Open yesterday’s email before it is too late!


  • This is probably my most hated AC film of all time. The finality of the ending has robbed us of future Miracle Maiden films with the Celestia / other actress 🙁

  • Well I hope your wrong Dr. G because that was fuse an action cosplay series 1 time episode.

    The regular NGC episodes are a different saga I believe.

    It would be a terrible thing for NGC to stop using that character completely and I hope that we will see her or others performing in that character.
    Please tell us that she will return after all she is supposed to be like a goddess type character ?

  • I’m sure Andrew can correct me if I’m wrong in any regard, but I believe “Miracle Maiden” is a role within the Amazon order who had been filled by two heroines within Action Cosplay, so the two MMs we’ve met so far were two different women. That opens up the possibility that another heroine could assume the role in the future. That’s something I’d very much like to see.

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