Photo of the Day: January 17th

The Story is back this weekend as Alias stars in ‘Grey Area’!


    • I love Alias so much that I’d also be prepared to see her get debooted (something that I normally hate)
      Although I’d much rather she kept them on 😉

      Hmm… that’s a point… How would debooting affect a heroine who can change costume at will? Could she just do her power-stance, and will them back on? (I hope so)

      • In this particular case it’s because I don’t like much how thise boots fit with the costume. I’m not fan of debooting either but if it has the be done I think it works better with leotards that full bodysuits.
        I guess she can just rebuild a new costume but we will see, it would be cool if one fets destroyed or broken her next costume would appear broken or incomplete too when summoned!

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