Photo of the Day: January 1st

We ring in the new year with Majesty and Ubiquity taking on dangerous infected civilians! Catch all the action right here later today!


  • Finally, finally got a chance to catch up with this latest story entry and loved it of course. The current heroine lineup is as strong as it’s ever been and it’s great seeing all these duos coming together. The infection story is intriguing, but better still it creates so many opportunities for heroines to meet and get bashed endlessly by unstoppable maniacs.
    The plot is unfolding in a landscape of heroines divided and scattered, so there’s no easy way to share information or coordinate a response. Majesty, Princess, Ubiquity, and Wonderstrike have all had encounters where they were in a position to learn something about the infection scheme, but are only now starting to put together what little they know (and can remember.)
    Plenty of interesting details in this fight: Majesty is much stronger than Ubiquity and initially handles two of the three, but switches over after Ubi puts hers down, which usually causes them to come back stronger than before. I’m not too hung up on the relative power of the heroines/villains, but it’s nice to see care taken to keep their relative abilities in mind.
    The infected seem to be more zombie-like than before, less “feral human.” Not sure if it means anything, but I join others in appreciate the “horror” vibe these enemies create. Also, did anyone else notice that after Majesty gets knocked out, she revives quite suddenly, similar to how the infected recover (and to Bluebird’s “second wind” fwiw) and seemed, if anything, even stronger than before? Probably means nothing…
    Great character notes as well, of course, and their interactions demonstrate the acting talents of these two. I love how visibly worried Majesty was throughout the fight, which increased the tension.
    Can’t wait for the next story entry! I’m particularly interested in how the Guardian Angels are responding to this infection mess, since they’re as much on the outside as anyone else, it would seem.

    • I’m very pleased you enjoyed it, I thought the interaction between the two heroines really worked well, though I wasn’t surprised because they’re both very good actors, I’m quite lucky t have them.

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