• The Lady X actress seems to have been doing overtime! Seems to be in every other release! And I’m not complaining at all!

    Also happy new year to everyone at the NGC crew!

    • We’ve tried to get into the habit of making good use of people when available. We’ve occasionally assumed availability and when it has come to it, missed out on working more with people. Also in the early days, when we needed to wait for money to come in from the previous release to pay for the next one, we just couldn’t shoot as much as we wanted to. You’d definitely have more Athena and Angel videos if things had been different.

  • Wow!!! What a combination!! And what a way to kick off the New Year! Many thanks for the incredible work the entire NGC crew has done this past year, and best wishes for continued success in the coming year! With great ladies like these in the heroine roster, this promises to be another fantastic year of heroine peril, vicious beatdowns, and great fun for us fans!

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