Photo of the Day: January 22nd

WINTER SALE is likely over, what was your favourite purchase, I know this one always does well: The Trial!


  • I got The Trail 🙂 It was the only one of the core Series 4 episodes that I didn’t have yet. Though I’ve yet to watch it (I got so many 😀 )

    My favourite of the sale purchases that I’ve watched so far are: No Holds Barred, The Bluebird Show and Dark Dreams (in preparation for Tuesday’s heritage set 🙂 )

  • Well the Celestia and the Deceptress Samplers were Great, just curious on the Unseen 9 extra minute video of Celestia
    is that the same footage that was released as OUTTAKES back in 2017 might be me but it seems to be the same clip ? ? ?

    anyways all the hard work from everyone involved is Greatly Appreciated by Im sure I say everyone who supports and enjoys your productions

    hers to 2023 🙂

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