Photo of the Day: January 24th

Comet Girl arrived with a bang, which of her adventures do you most enjoy?


  • D’awww! That smile πŸ™‚

    Lots of good ones.
    Copycat Trap, Get the Staff, Ransom, The Iron Drone, Freedom Costs, Damnesia, Outcasts, Are You Sure You Don’t Want to be a Bad Girl? Comet Girl Meets Duke & Anvil, Iron Heroine.

    And as someone who doesn’t like debooting, even I have to admit it really added something to the excellent Comet Girl v 3 Hoodlums

    I’ll also add both Miracle Chick videos to the list

    A wonderful actress that lights up any video she’s in. I’ll say it again… just look at that smile

  • Loved her! An infectious smile, great spirit, and always looked great as she was taking a beating! Another great NGC actress that I miss. Like Virtue, I loved every video she graced her presence with, but perhaps Iron Drone in my mind stands out as my favorite for her. And I sure loved her stints as Miracle Chick!

  • Gott be Outcasts. Seeing her get choked by her sash was long overdue, and the pose and reactions were so good! Wish it had been used for a KO for her at some point, it seems like an easy weakness to exploit.

  • Her debut was really difficult to topple because of that costume which didn’t get enough time kn the sun with Suki previously, but gotta say Comet Girls vs 3 hoodlums in which they stick her boots to the ground and just mess with her in general was great! Always love the heroines loosing because of being outnumbered not necessarily fighting a single stronger foe but being gradually worn down!

  • Freedom Costs and Monthly Checkup contain 2 of the best acted chloro scenes in NGC history. She is a very talented actress who knew how to make it super convincing!

  • My favourite Comet Girl videos are probably Get The Staff and 3 Hoodlums.
    However, for me, it was always a treat to see her, regardless of what the video was.

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