Photo of the Day: January 26th

Angel was in our second ever video, and worked with us for nearly 6 years! And TODAY we celebrate ALL our releases from 2009 to January 2023 in our WINTER SALE! Big discounts on every video older than one year, including EVERY Angel video on this site. Fill your boots, it won’t last long.


  • Remember seeing the trailer for that first angel episode. Also gotta say I blame it and the main actress for the hundreds of bucks spent over the years in this site.

    It was insane that was your second ever video, and still holds up today. It’s a testament to the costume choice that the silver catsuit is also still doing the rounds nowdays in some videos and photosets and looks as good as day one!

  • She’s gorgeous! My favorite by a slim margin. I would have liked to see more in her second outfit (the one-off two-piece skirt outfit). But I haven’t been disappointed with any of the talent in any videos purchased. here’s to another 15+ years.

  • Stunning shot of her. Suitably angelic 🙂

    Hope the sale’s a success, and everyone buys themselves plenty of treats.

    Out of interest, do YOU have any personal favourite videos from each of the heroines you posted this week?

    • Well my opinion is coloured by memories of actually filming these, so I might have different memories of them. For Virtue, very tough, I did enjoy ‘A Place That Time Never Knew’ because it was something we hadn’t done before, and Malicia was in it. For Comet Girl I can remember the ‘Damnesia’ shoot being funny, and a bit different also, so probably that one. Miss Freedom is obviously super-tough because of the amount of things we shot and the quality of them. I have to say that pretty much everything we shot with her in the last couple of years she was with us was tremendous, like all of it. A groove of how to do things well with her had just been found and I like all of that stuff. I think ‘Out Cold’ is terrific, both 7th Hell’s. Her Championship battles with Pandora, Dr Progress, Nemesis, and Captain Liberty were all brilliant. Probably the point where things really took off was ‘No Holds Barred’, we knew that was good when making it and it probably altered how we filmed a lot of things thereafter, so I’d say that is probably the most important one. For Angel, definitely the most important of any video we’ve ever made was ‘Angel’s Ordeal’, because the success of that meant it paid for itself quite quickly, and also brought in enough to be certain we could make at least another video and start ordering costumes and casting people. Aside from that probably ‘Fallen Angel’ because it was just a big success.

      • Love these insights into the behind the scenes shots!

        As someone interested in cinematography and photography at an amateur level I any technical insight on how something was filmed, but also enjoy hearing the other side of the coin, the “dealing” with people/actors part and how to get the best of them (or when they give their best for a shot)

        Would love to have a behind the scenes blog where you or other producers pour their thoughts from time to time, even if few others would be interested in it

        • I’m also really interested in these behind the scenes observations and impressions on past videos for the very reason that they’re informed by the experience of making them. That said, I’m glad to read “No Holds Barred” mentioned as a significant production, because it really felt like that to me. At the time, I was afraid it was Miss F’s last video because it felt like such a statement, leaving on the highest note possible.

        • I just wish we had more time on shoots really. A BTS blog would need another person in the room to film it, and certain members of the crew are a bit camera shy, so I don’t really know what we’d end up with. Probably something akin to the BTS of photoshoots that I’ve put out occasionally. I’m sure it would be visually interesting, but you probably wouldn’t learn much, and I’d have to avoid spoilers and all sorts. Tricky.

      • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Always interesting hearing the behind-the-scenes perspective.
        I recall the members gift for Damnesia, and you definitely all looked to be having fun with that one

      • I too appreciate the inside look into your insights, ideas and ideals on the many productions. And the time line is really helpful as it lets us know who is no longer around and who is still in participation. So thanks a bunch for the inside look.

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