Photo of the Day: January 26th

Let’s have a retrospective this week. Looking back at key moments. Here are a few I’ve selected from Season 1. Angel’s first appearance was very important in getting the series off the ground. The Training Room arrived which introduced more characters, including the debut of Bluebird. The first season story revolved around Miss Freedom and the threat she posed to Red Mist who slowly worked out a plan to destroy her, or so they thought.

What are your favourite moments from Season 1?


  • Favorite moments? Well, your first video was a nice introduction to a new producer and hinted at good stuff to come. The emphasis on combat was right up my alley. Episode 2 was an astounding leap forward for only your second vid. The actress (a vat-grown superheroine in every way!), the fight action, the cool angles of shots – just next level. That one vaulted you guys to the top echelon of producers. Then, with episodes 8 and 9 you stepped it up again. Great storytelling, amazing action, a superb performance from Miss Freedom and the introduction of the radiant Celestia.

    One helluva first season!

  • I really loved the introduction of Athena’s golden costume, all of Magenta videos (specially her solo fight against Sebastian Luner) and most of Angel showings, specially episode 2 which was the first video i bought from you ever!

  • The Training Room segments were very good and I especially appreciate the appearances from Magenta, Suki, and Nina Hellfire. As for the episodes, I really love Freedom and Truth due to its unusual peril and Hornet Strikes for the introduction of a really intriguing (but truncated) storyline and the (sadly) only appearance of Golden Hornet.

  • It was nice having close-ups of punches all through Season 1. Then it became a rare treat ever since. Good old days, miss them.

    • You still miss her? I think it was mostly to do with how slowly we were filming in those early days and how many characters we wanted to introduce. This meant that you might not book someone for a full year. I think we nearly got her back for one of the Training Room videos but for some reason that didn’t work out and I think she wasn’t too interested after that because it was 2 years later and we’d not seen her since.

  • You know who I really miss from Season 1? The Roman brothers (they were brothers, right?) and Sebastian Lunar.
    SO deliciously evil.
    I think those actors portrayal of those characters is what really made the girl’s characters shine so much.
    A really talented group, you had there….both male and female.

  • Love this retrospective of past seasons!

    I came late to NGC which meant I could watch Season One in go, which was a real treat. What I most remember now is how well plotted it was – with the overarching threat of Red Mist building up – the undermining of Powerstar, Angel in the team as a double agent, and Miss Freedom identified as the biggest obstacle and therefore the biggest target.

    Highlights? The way Miss Freedom was built up – her arrogance and power – which made the final defeat all the more significant. Also Angel in Silver, and Powerstar’s descent. I still think the Powerstar outfit is one of NGC’s best – still hoping for a legacy character to take up the mantle and avenge her – after all, the Romans killed her but Elite Force believed them… and let it happen!

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