Photo of the Day: January 27th

Bluebird worked with us from 2010 to 2014, with brief returns in 2017 and 2020. Another absolute legend. Pick a favourite video if you can, hard choice though! ALSO… the WINTER SALE is nearing the end, don’t miss out!


  • Only 4 years and some brief returns?

    Damn I always felt she was forever around! Certainly the amount of videos she made reflects a fantastic work ethic!

    • I suppose it was nearer to 5 years late summer 2010 until spring of 2014. We got on pretty well and her videos were popular so it was always quite easy to just call on her to do another one, and luckily that is why there are so many Bluebird videos despite not being with us all that long.

  • I still think the Bluebird 2020 series is the GOAT. I know it is not the kind of project that can be done all the time but I’d love to see something similar in the future, even if it isn’t quite on the same scale.

  • To me, Bluebird will always be the standard by which all others are measured. NGC has and continues to bring in excellent talent and new heroines to admire, but Bluebird to me is the ultimate of NGC’s heroines. I find it impossible to pick a top video of hers, or even several, because all of them were just so good. She was the consummate actress, the ultimate heroine in peril, and even after several years, her videos are still as refreshing to watch as they were when they were first released. NGC (and we fans) were blessed to have her around for as long as she stayed.

    • You surprise me. Of course she spent a considerable amount of time bootless when a prisoner of Eliza Rose, in Season 2 and 3.
      Check out Season 2’s “Rock Bottom” and Season 3’s “Brainwash” and “The Rescue” , which all follow on from each other.

      She also spends a portion of the fight in “Bluebird 2020 part 2” bootless, but that’s more because she’s part way through changing into costume, before she puts them on.

  • My easy answer is “Bluebird 2020”, all four parts, because it’s a stone-cold epic. Watched together, it’s like you made a feature length movie.
    (even though you didn’t accurately predict the masks, social distancing, and lockdown of the real 2020 😉 )

    I’ll also throw special mention to “Enter Bluebird”, still the perfect video to offer as a freebie. It absolutely did it’s job, and convinced me to actually spend some money on many more videos.

    Bluebird pretty much ruled Season 3. Her whole journey there was stellar.

    Any time she fought Alaric. Every time!

    And going out on absolute fire in “First day of 100 Years”. Wow!

    Other random mentions: The Training Room vid “Extermination” was an early purchase, that I’ve enjoyed many times.
    Some knotty fun in “Preferred Enemy”. Some nice costume swapping action in “Bluebird Must Obey”, “Bluebird Auction” and “Bluebird undercover”.
    And some humiliating defeats in “Confidence Trick”, “Unbeatable” and “New Danger”

    Really, you can never go wrong with ANY Bluebird

  • Bluebird Must Obey is my favourite NGC title to a video. Too many favourites to mention, but I think that Bluebird and Miss Freedom set the tone for the undercover / restraints / chloro / danger room / beatdown vids that NGC keeps making. Bluebird will always be a fan favourite ! 🙂

  • Best legs in the business. Bluebird is the reason I became fan of NGC. In everything I loved her. Her attitude, looks, her eyes have those fire in there. Of all the heroines passing through here she is still on top.

  • She was incredible as Mia/Supergirl in the Action Cosplay series. That series featured some of the very best Supergirl material ever released imho

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