Photo of the Day: January 27th

Here are some Season 2 key moments: Celestia made a brief appearance at the end of Season 1, but she began to blossom as a character in many more appearances in Season 2. Miss Freedom’s shock return to action sent her enemies reeling, but they had done more damage to her than they could know at the time. Angel had been playing both sides off against each other from the start. In ‘Fallen Angel’ everything came crashing down upon her.

What are your standout moments in Season 2?


  • Season 2 had several great storylines running, but I was particularly fond of Catherine Marks’ time in the spotlight, Celestia’s (first) captivity, her and Miss Freedom’s run-in with Nina, and of course Suki’s tragic end. We also the introduction of Snare, the Masked Man, and Alaric.

  • This season belonged to Angel and Bluebird for me. Bluebird transformed from a secondary character to being the spirit of Elite Force – on the run and in a fantastic new outfit, she suddenly started to become a favourite. Angel got everything she wanted – her rivals crushed, now she was the top heroine (also with a fantastic costume) – but it didn’t last! I forget now – what was the reason she was finished off? Did she betray her employers or was something else going on? Really need to watch these episodes again…

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