Photo of the Day: January 28th

Deceptress worked with us for 8 years! She had a short break in the middle, but came back for her epic first battle with the Dominator in the Championship (the second battle that they had was also epic, though both were epically one-sided as well.)


  • Incredibly, the Deceptress was a heroine that had to grow on me. While I initially liked her, it really took me some time to appreciate her as much as I do today. And I’ve really grown to love those one-sided beatdowns she was subjected to.

  • For me, it’s really the Shadow Fox videos that did it.
    It actually took me a while for Erica to grow on me (as a late-comer, I didn’t watch things in order, either), but, weirdly, I loved Shadow Fox from the very first moment I saw her (I don’t know, maybe it’s just the effect those gold gogo boots always have on me 😉 )
    So it was Shadow Fox that then made me finally fully get into Erica.

    Actual Erica ones that I really love.
    I really love her performance in “Punch Drunk”. So much fun. On a similar note, I think she does the most adorable bimbo-ified heroine in both “Heroine Auction and “Tough Justice 4”
    “Deceptress vs Snare” for the obvious knotty fun, as well as the humiliated caught-on-live-TV ending
    “On Guard” because of that black costume!
    She fought Doctor Progress quite a lot, and they were all good.

    The first “Tough Justice”, for doing something different. And the Erica version is the only full one-side beatdown given by a heroine to a villain (hey, what? I’m into that too 😉 )

    I’m not going to mention those obvious two championship matches… instead I’m going to single out “Deceptress vs Nemesis” as my favourite championship outing from her.

    • Looking back at her catalogue, I really feel she may be the heroine with the most variety in the scenarios set up in her videos. Taking part in VTV, the championship and many side stories helped that, but she certainly delivered in any out there situation she was put in, always looking spectacular and improving her acting with time to the point she was definitively a top 3 performer of the site when she left for good.

  • I always thought that Erica / Deceptress was a cool cat. Didn’t realize that she worked a NGC was 8 years. Time flies ! 🙂

  • Her path to becoming my favorite heroine ever from this site really wasn´t a straightforward one!

    Her costume was definitively striking and imposing like nothing you had before (think it was the first full bodysuit/catsuit without showing cleavage with a long cape you ever did) It also helped she was tall and mysterious since she came out of Elite Force at first.

    But she always was in the good looking but lacking substance department for me, and characters like Angel and Athena were killing it back in season 2 so she was in my radar for the looks but her acting needed to step up. And step up she did!! Sadly it was in her last video before the break, Season 3 SM 3, still think it´s a top 5 video for me, especially for the double loose ending! She patented crawling away from danger almost defeated by looking stunning while doing so in that one! And she sold the dialogues and moves like no other! (in previous vids she seemed annoyed rather than in pain, but she sold the moves spectacularly in that vid)

    So imagine my joy when she re-appared a long time later in that defining championship match against the Denominator. Not only did it introduce one of the best heels in that series, but it also brought back my favorite costume form the site and an actress that gave it her all in that video! Every video she was in after that one was a home-run after home-run, and it may one of those characters that actually got an arc because the actress stayed so long, same as Celestia or Miss Freedom, so that´s extra value. Erica stepping in a leadership role and having heroines like Starshot or Infinity Girl under her wing was so cool since she used to hate the spotlight when she was introduced!

    And she also had the only costume change that made me really salty, when she adopted the Deceptress persona in the story after breaking free form her imprisonment, mostly because the shorter cape and gloves made it feel like a lesser version of her original suit (even if that imposing long cape did get in the way of some angles and shots from time to time. Luckily her foes picked up the habit of using it to choke her and then remove it ^^)

    I was so glad she got to wear her old suit in a couple more videos, including her final one for the site. She is definitively top #1 in my books for a wishful return if she even fancies it out of fun, but at the same time I feel she gave us so much variety with the scenarios in her videos along the years that she left something for everyone to love, so her work with NGC felt complete at least.

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