Photo of the Day: January 28th

How about key moments from Season 3? Miss Freedom’s attempts to keep Elite Force solvent led her to some degrading decisions, and encounters with a new breed of heroines, like Virtue. Bluebird’s downward spiral continued, and her intense rivalry with Eliza Rose came to a head in ‘The Grudge’. Heroines and villains were forced to unite to face down a Superior Invasion!

Which moments from Season 3 are most memorable for you?


  • The Darkheart Season. Early on we see the debuts of the Steel Sister (another gone before her time), Comet Girl, and Virtue, Deceptress and Celestia (again) get abducted, and the “Liberty Alliance” arrives as a potential rival to Elite Force. Bluebird and Angel’s stories turn dark and Alaric looks virtually unbeatable. But, even darker clouds are forming and just when we’ve gotten used to the winsome Comet Girl, she’s blown to smithereens, setting up the conflict to come.

    As for favorite moments, Comet Girl’s team-ups with Virtue and Celestia were favorites of mine, as well as Celestia’s fight with Virtue. There were a few non-canon videos during Season 2, but they really picked up steam during Season 3, providing opportunities for all sorts of fun outside of continuity.

  • The debut of Comet Girl in Suki’s suit as an “action cosplayer” and Erica’s defeat and abduction in Side Mission 3, together with some Athena fights are still some of my favourite videos ever!

  • Gian Lorenzo Betti van der noot says:

    I am a huge fan of Bluebird. In my opinion, this season could be defined, more than the others, as her season. The episodes that I loved the most are: The Grudge, Bitter Vengeance, and Play Dead (the two-part special that led to Super-Bluebird birth).

  • Absolutely agree that this was Bluebird’s season. The battle between Bluebird, the Darkhearts and Eliza was the stand-out storyline.

    Running it a close second, the arrival of Harbinger – still, for my money the best villain that NGC has had. From investing in a ‘proper villain costume’, to the menace of the threatening but as yet unseen Dark Superiors, to the sheer power demonstrated as she destroyed (as we thought then) Comet Girl and Alaric – the build up with this character was great and really added a sense of menace.

    In this season Miss Freedom started badly and kept falling – ultimately rounding out the season by running from a fight and leaving Celestia, Virtue and Athena to their fate. Dramatic stuff.

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