Photo of the Day: January 29th

‘Suggested Leader’ is out on this website TODAY for everyone, watch these two heroines go at it full force… with hypnosis thrown in!


  • I actually like when two girls of different heights engage in a slugfiest. Wonderstrike’s performer with a statuesque stunner and Majesty performer is a small girl next door beauty, the two types are ideal to met for a no-barrels hold beatdown. I only lament that only Majesty has long hair. Wonderstrike used to have long hair too, she rocked that looks somethign fierce. Of course she is always pretty regardless of hairstyle, but longer hair makes taking hits look so much better witht h hair flowing and flying about from the whiplash from the hit to the face/head.
    This video will be one to buy for sure. Now if only i hadn’t the need to be on a constant savings mode! *sadface*
    Oh well next month perhaps.

  • I really don’t understand (and am getting fed up of seeing) all these comments about the length of Wonderstrike’s hair. Sure, it was longer in her early videos, but I’d still describe it as being long now. It’s hardly short
    And, personally, I absolutely love her “Villain’s Accomplice” hair, which is the shortest it’s been.

    Bottom line, an actress’s hair is her own business, and she’s entitled to have it however she wants it.

      • Sure, he’s entitled to his opinion too, but posting that opinion over and over and over again can start sounding a little rude.

        At least this time he added that she’s always pretty regardless of hairstyle… which we can all agree on 🙂

        • I’m going to let everyone in on a shocking production secret, don’t tell anyone…. girls change their hairstyles all the time AND we don’t actually release these videos in the order they were shot always. Let that sink in.

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