Photo of the Day: January 29th

Here are some of my key moments from Season 4: Captured at the end of Season 3, Celestia endured a gruelling trial as the new season opened. New heroines such as Wonderstrike and Red Glory entered the fray, and found things tough going early on! Heroines were placed under mind control by the evil Myanna, and had to fight among themselves to break the spell!

Which moment in Season 4 is your favourite?


  • So many great releases in Season 4; ‘The Trial’. Bluebird’s solo adventures, ‘Hell & Back’…
    If I had to pick just one moment though it’d be the alternative end to ‘Virtue V The Dominator’, especially when Vice unleashes her jaw muscles on The Dominator!

  • The Invasion Season. We meet Wonderstrike, Starshot, Infinity Girl, and Spectrum (Red Glory appeared late in Season 3, I think?) as well as legendary villainesses Dominator, Myanna, and Malicia Divine. I’d begun to really prize Celestia’s appearances during S3 and then she goes and gets herself killed at the start of S4. Athena doesn’t return, Bluebird is out of continuity, and Miss Freedom disappears until the end, so it’s a real changing of the guard.

    Favorite moments: Episode 1 is a barnburner, and the last three episodes are absolute high points, including the climactic entry and post-script with Miss Freedom. Every Infinity Girl entry is gold, including her two appearances in the fledgling Villain Network, as are Starshot’s conflicts with Malicia Divine. Red Glory and Wonderstrike are essentially a duo for most of this season and it works well for both of them.

  • You introduced so many new heroines that season that are now a staple of the site it’s almost crazy to think they are relative newcomers

  • The invasion storyline! It started brilliantly with the death of Celestia – Erica became the leader by virtue of being the last woman standing from the old team, and we got a lot of new characters. Spectrum of course being my favourite, but I didn’t need to remind anyone of that, did I!

    Having worked my way through all four season’s recaps now it strikes me how well you managed to achieve a solid narrative – and that’s really what I think sets NGC apart and keeps me coming back. Keep up the great work 🙂

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