Photo of the Day: January 2nd

“It’s not very big is it?!” – Majesty isn’t impressed.


  • I know everyone’s been waiting for me to unveil my choice for MVP of ‘23 [/s] and here’s as good a place as any. “Most valuable player” to me isn’t necessarily my favorite performer or the heroine who had the best year. It’s my choice for the heroine who contributed the most to the continuing excellence of NGC videos in 2023. MVP requires quantity and quality IMO and some heroines just didn’t have enough entries to contend, but several appeared in half a dozen videos or more this year. Making a lot of terrific videos is a prerequisite, but for me MVP requires that the performer be a major reason their videos are as good as they are, which is highly subjective, of course.
    I didn’t want recency bias to drive the result, so I rewatched a bunch of videos and it’s a near-impossible choice. Cap Liberty and Patriot-Girl started the year very strong, Wonderstrike peppered 2023 with a bunch of great videos, and Lady X had a tremendous year, but I’m picking Majesty as my MVP. She made 6 videos in 2023 by my count, including standouts like Tying Up a Deal, Suggested Leader, Heroine Collecting, and Interview with a Dominator. Those are all terrific (her other two are pretty great as well) and I don’t think any of them would’ve worked as well with someone else in her place.
    It’s a well-deserved win after Wonderstrike snatched the 2022 title from her. WS was in two of Majesty’s best and some winners on her own (Violent Proposal is an all-time great). Frankly, WS or Captain Liberty (my 2021 MVP) may have the best catalog over the last few years, but Majesty had a run of excellent, distinguished, interesting videos in 2023. Every video she made was better for her being in it and she did plenty of terrific photosets as well, such as the one represented above. If there’s a lesson to be drawn from this it’s that Majesty should be in more stuff, especially Transform videos and costume play.
    The way things are going, I expect Lady X is probably the heroine to beat in 2024. Of course, Ubiquity, Shining Spirit, Solaris, or Galaxia could easily be in contention. We’ll just have to see, but I’m looking forward to it

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