Photo of the Day: January 30th

Make sure you take the opportunity to make the most of the WINTER SALE! Only a few hours to go!

Lastly in our retrospective, we look at some exciting moments from the On-Going Story: As ever, new heroines joined the fight, with Candy ‘The Equalizer’ Race, and Deja Vu, showing off some very useful powers. The Deceptress had been a key member of Elite Force since Season 2, and in many ways was the leader of the group by this stage, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t get into serious trouble now and then! The much admired Spectrum joined the series late in Season 4, and was an immediate target for all villains looking to overcome her might.

What episodes have you enjoyed most in the On-Going Story?


  • Deja vu was excellent in her short time on the site, and her second mask and hairstyle were killer! I enjoyed most of the Deceptress outings, specially vs Dr Progress, Sister Fate or even Alaric, even more those that involved her old costume!

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