Photo of the Day: January 6th

This was Celestia on the day we shot our maiden Transform video: ‘A Dark & Deadly Future’ – it’s a really good one as it happens. Are you surprised when Celestia is in it?


  • Hmm… I’ve got both of her other Transform videos, but not that one yet… and since I was just looking around for another video to get alongside this weeks release, and am definitely up for some more Celestia… you’ve convinced me 😀

      • Another awesome Celestia video! Loved it.
        I’m gradually filling in all those gaps from before I joined. I’d say I’m most of the way there now

          • I only joined near the end of 2020, so I had a LOT of videos to catch up on.
            But I usually buy at least one other video alongside the week’s new release… and over-spend whenever there’s a sale 😆
            At the rate I’ve been going, I predict I’ll have a complete collection before the year is out

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