• I think everyone should have a round with Snare and definitely support her meeting Acolyte, but I’d love to see PG face off against Majesty! An Elite Force-Guardian Angels dustup, their inter-Atlantic identities could heighten the antagonism. And speaking of height, there’s a pretty big difference between them there as well.

  • Full agreement with the general Acolyte trend in this thread. Also definitely agree about Snare.

    Not sure if you’re still keeping ActionCosplay just for new talent, but I’d love to see her Supremacy added to Authoritarian’s collection of heroines. If not, then definitely have her face his NGC character, because I’d love to see those two actors together 🙂

    • Yeah! That “Dreadbringer” character is very, very interesting and PG would be an excellent choice for his next victim.

  • Answer will always be the same after the last two vids of this type. Has to be Requiem in a multiversal slaughterfest, lol.

    By the way, I think Requiem still needs a spot on the characters page of this site.

    Also, I wanted to mention again that Timeless from your AC vids would make a nice villainess here. Cool power for the heroines to fight (and fail miserably) against.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Honestly don’t think it matters. Whoever she faces, it’s good money that she’ll be amazing regardless of who’s co-staring next to her.

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