• I’ve been following this genre since its online infancy. I’ve seen them all. This actress was one of the most perfect the genre has seen. She was beautiful. She was sexy as hell. She had acting chops. Athleticism. And she got it. She was fantastic at being noble, resolute and brave, and equally good if not better at being imperilled, overwhelmed and defeated. The total package, and one of NGC’s epic finds. I still miss her. I wish her well in her post-NGC life. We all owe her a lot.

    • Totally agree. Our time with her, or at least number of videos was cut short by her moving overseas. Like Bluebird, she returned on two occasions to make more, but certainly someone who instinctively knew what to do.

  • Lady Victory was the total package. Stunningly beautiful, this actress always gave it her all and is right up there with Bluebird as the greatest NGC heroines of all time. Incredibly tremendous talent!

  • I had a Lady Victory marathon just a week or so ago, re-watching all her videos.
    The “This is War” two parter was my third purchase after I joined here, and she’s been one of my absolute favourites ever since.

  • As regards the original description accompanying the photo: Yes she was. Solemnly. Doing her duty. Until it became apparent that things were going to be more difficult than she had anticipated. But still grimly carrying on, until she began to realize that the inconceivable was happening: she was overmatched. Yet still carrying on with a desperation borne of pride until the inevitable final defeat.
    Yes, she was one of the best to ever do it. May she be do well in playing other kinds of characters, or in pursuing other kinds of endeavors than acting.

  • Co-signing all of this. Lady V wasn’t my favorite FSS at first, but she proved herself again and again, both here and in Action Cosplay, one of the very best. One thing I loved about her performances was that when she lost, she *lost*. I don’t think any other actress has been as good at playing the physical and emotional devastation of being defeated as she was.
    I actually think she had dimensions as a performer that we didn’t get to see much. Her characters were unimpeachably valiant and earnest, and she was great with that, but every once in a while a video or BTS clip showed hints of comedic gifts. I think she could have been terrific with a lighthearted, high-spirited character like Comet Girl.

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