Photo of the Day: July 10th

Out TODAY! ‘Villain Hunting’ starring Shining Spirit!


    • I like the belt.
      The blue belt helps balance the colours of the blue boots.
      In the case of Ubiquity, her red cape does the same thing, so doesn’t need a belt to do it. And Wonderstrike is just so colourful that a belt would be too much.

    • If anything I would change her boots for a more cheesy blue like the one in her chest logo, these have a material that donĀ“t feel right for a superheroine

  • Love Shining Star. She’s by far my favorite of all your new heroines. You absolutely need to put her in a NGChampionship battle vs Nemesis. She sells the action so well; You gotta do a one-sided beatdown from the baddest of the baddies!

    • David D Dicks says:

      Oh, yeah. Shining Spirit vs Nemesis in the NGChampionship would be EPIC! Here’s how I envision it going.

      Shining Spirit starts out confident. But she is quickly over-match and takes a beatdown. She tries to make Nemesis “See The Light” But He’s a Dark God so her power has no effect on him what so ever. (It would be funny if the referee gets hit by the light, however.) Perhaps she even exhausts herself trying it multiple times to no avail.

      Nemesis totally and quickly takes out Shining Spirit. He pins her, BUT this is where Shining Spirit shows her “spirit”, get it? She actually kicks out of the pin at the last moment.

      Nemesis, while impressed by Shining Spirit’s spirit, he also decides to teach the young heroine a lesson. He wipes the mat with Shining Spirit. Maybe he breaks her back over and over. I like the idea that he’d “fake pin” her several times. Making her think the torture is over only to pick her up before the ref can finish the count. Then drags her off the mat and delivers even more punishment. He shatters Shining Spirit’s Vertebrae with back breakers until her destruction is complete.

      In the end he pins her with a boot on her chest, spouting something to the ref (and the world) about how neither the light nor a heroine’s spirit could ever match his dark powers.

      • That sounds pretty darn good.
        I’d definitely sign up for that.
        I just realized I think I was calling her Shining Star.>>> Yeah, I know. Her name is Shining Spirit.

        Can’t wait to see her again. Hopefully seeing her spending a lot of time looking up at the ceiling lights… HA HA HA!

  • Oh, I have a question for the folks at NGC.

    Is it an accident that she ended up in a sort of crucifixion pose at the end after she got KO’d by Anvil?

    I wasn’t sure if that was something subtle you added on purpose of if she just ended up that way?

    Just curious.

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