• Damn she does look absolutely amazing in anything! That said I really love the lighting over the black leather (or eco leather I think, donĀ“t know how they call it in English) here! Subtle shine and amazing contrast with the white background shows her figure better!

    I was under the impression she got injured, hope she is doing better now even if she doesn’t come back to film more.

  • She seems to make a good Black Widow; I wonder how she would look in red hair. The glovelettes are a nice touch.
    p.s. I wonder of video images can be manipulated during the editing process to change the color of the hair. I ask this because it seems a lot to ask of an actress to dye her hair to play a certain character, unless you are working with a Hollywood budget and she is being paid a substantial amount of money to play the part. She could wear a wig, but a lot of people seem to be bothered by the appearance of a wig; I remember when the Bluebird actress wore one to play Supergirl in the first Action Cosplay series, years ago, and the negative comments about the blonde wig dominated this blog; it doesn’t bother me, but I grew up on the 1966 Batgirl even more years ago.
    p.p.s. If any more recent members haven’t gotten that one, it’s a good one to pick up. I thought that it was one of the cleverest story ideas I had seen: an ordinary model is to wear a Supergirl costume for a shoot, but when she puts on the wig something wierd happens and she can’t get it off. Not only that, but everyone she encounters starts acting as though they believe she really is Supergirl and they are a villain out to defeat her. It takes her a while to realize that these aren’t just people who need to get a grip on reality, but that when she put on the wig she somehow had been transferred to some kind of alternative dimension where superheroines are real. Honestly, I couldn’t understand the people who complained about the wig, as it was central to the running joke behind the storyline.
    At any rate, I went off on quite a tangent there, but the Galaxia actress does seem well suited to wear the Black Widow costume.

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