• AndrewAdmin says:

      @Kostmeyer – Actually, not very often. You need to know the person and read the situation yourself and instinctively know what someone is comfortable with. Cajoling someone into doing stuff they don’t want to emits massive amateur/loser vibes.

  • I wasn’t suggesting you’d ever put someone in a position they weren’t happy with – I think we all know that you look after your cast (if you didn’t they wouldn’t come back!) but I bet there are some surprised faces when they first read the scripts! I wonder – rather than ‘I’d never do that’ do any of the actresses ever say ‘my character would never do that’? I know to most actresses NGC will just be a job, but some of them have played the characters for so long now that I wonder if any suggest script edits based on how they see the character?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Kostmeyer – That doesn’t really happen either because I’ve usually laid out why things are happening beforehand. Sometimes I get emails in the run up to shoots and they ask how their character might feel about a particular line or something that happens, for guidance.

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