Photo of the Day: July 11th

Our trainee Supremacy calls upon an ally to help her, but will it be enough?


  • I can’t argue with the results (Malicia, Dominator, Pandora, Fate, Requiem, now add Arantxa and Chaotica), but all the current villainesses have dark hair. Blonde villainesses are few and far between; it’s been awhile since Myanna graced the screen and Miss Suppression wasn’t around long. There may be a supply issue, because there are plenty of brunette/dark-haired heroines along with the excellent villainesses listed above, but blonde and lighter haired actresses tend to be cast as heroines almost exclusively. The only blonde baddie I can think of right now is the Duke.

    • Blonde people are hard to get either heroine or villain. I’ve got a couple of blonde heroines now, but there really aren’t many to choose from.

      • I figured it was a supply problem. Still, I’d love to see a new villainess with blonde or blonde-ish hair if the opportunity arises.

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