Photo of the Day: July 20th

What is your favourite Erica/Deceptress video? (Not counting her Championship battles, I know they were popular, on this website).


  • Oscar Espinosa says:

    I love the first video of Erica, but in special the electric torture o choking videos, please more videos whit choking and electric torture with all the heroines please

  • Her battle with Snare was huge fun, and I really loved ‘Two Prisons’. I’d have to go for ‘Imprisoning the Prince’as my favourite; it was a huge moment for the story and for Deceptress.

  • I like all her videos very much and I hope there’re more coming soon (I can’t wait). My favorites are Season 4 / Story 5 – Progressives, Season 2 / Episode 3 – Three’s a Crowd and Season 4 / Episode 7 – Dark Enmity.

  • Season 3 side mision 3! It honestly has everything i enjoy: striking, grappling, bearhugs and choking, together with costume (cape) removal and using said removed part to.tortute the heroine, who can barely fight back. It also contains my favourite costume of her. Its alternate ending may well be my favourite video ever from you! (I have edited it together removing the original ending)

  • Mine was the episode where she took on Gina Shred and Roman. It… didn’t go too well foe her iirc, but it went spectacularly for us peril fans!

  • There were so many great movies that it is really hard to say… She loses so deliciously… And the more brutal and humiliating it is, the better!
    So the best for me was when she was blocked by James Roman or in PunchDrunk, that was really good and helpless. And from “fair” fight I liked she against Sister Fate or Dr. Progress… of course when she took hits and holds!
    Oh, I almost forgot about the one which combines both styles with “bad” endings (bad for Erica, good for me 😀 ), season 3 side mission 3. That was great!

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