Photo of the Day: July 21st

People seemed to like this costume more than the baby girl pink one. What is your favourite costume colour combination?


  • I’m always a sucked for a heroine wearing the colors of their country (see Majesty). Also, red-headed heroine in a green costume is always a winner.

  • Amazing photo! Those eyes!!

    Yes, I loved her in this costume. I loved the other one too, but this is how she looked when I first saw her, and it definitely made an impression.

  • For me, it seems you’ve done very well combining red, blue, yellow and white in various costumes seen here, NGC.

    • Thanks. Blue is my favourite. If I were only pleasing myself here they’d all be blue! But seriously, I like a few other combos, but primary colours will always be prominent.

  • I don’t know about colour preference, but to me the best outfits are those that have a clear link to the character – Athena’s suit was reminiscent of a Greek goddess, Bluebird had her own symbol – Wonderstrike has the big starburst mirroring her powers, Catherine Marks had the super-spy black leather look, Spectrum had the colour coded gloves and rainbow cape, the Majesties have the union flag – great outfits which connected to their heroic identities. Candy suffered a bit from having two generic outfits that didn’t really ‘say’ anything in my opinion – but nothing against the colour choice and not the worst outfits by any means!

  • Her original outfit reminded of a downgraded version of the great Magenta costume of the Training Room days!! That one had a slow start but both the costume and heroine grew on me a lot even if their tenure was short.

    But in this case I think this was an upgrade because I´m not a big fan of skirts, even if this was the most basic leotard you could get it was a nice colour and material combination, and the actress was just stunning!!

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