• AndrewAdmin says:

      @Dr G – In the story she was discarded by Elite Force because they didn’t much like the job the PR team had done with the name ‘Deceptress’ because they considered it too villainous sounding. She wasn’t a fan of it for the same reason. After the various crises that enveloped Elite Force at the end of Season 1, they called in all of their reservists simply because they needed some muscle. The name ‘Deceptress’ still wasn’t signed off at this point so she just went by her actual name ‘Erica Lynn’ and it stuck. Some years later, as Elite Force became more independent of marketeers, Erica had a change of heart about the name and decided to embrace it. This was partially a reaction to being prodded and poked by the PR teams of old, a two-finger salute if you will. That’s the point where her costume changed and the ‘D’ emblem appeared, and why there was a blank space for where an emblem would go previously.

  • That’s a fun bit of backstory I didn’t know. I admit I’m sometimes lost on the on going story if I’ve missed some releases

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