• Great video and performance. The actress is at the top of her game right now.
    I’d rank this one alongside ‘Villain’s Accomplice 2’ and ‘Redstone Gang’ as my favourite Wonderstrike video.

  • The intrigue continues as the pieces continue to be placed on the board. Enjoyed the vid, Wonderstrike is great as always, and I’m curious to see how this new villain fits in to all of this (and as we’ve seen, he’s not the only villain not totally on board with this new threat). Still in the setup mode for this story, but I can’t wait to see what comes of it!

  • Im actually quite curious about Wonderstrike’s power at this point. In past entries she’s able to unleash multiple blasts, yet in this video’s lose ending, she can’t even do one blast.

    Also in the danger room when she fails to fire her blast she just looks embarrassed but nothing else happened to her, but in this one the failed blast almost destroys her, or depletes her remaining energy. How exactly does her blast work?

    • I’m sure someone will contradict me, but I would say that I’m not 100% of the opinion that rules you made in the past should hamstring you forever. Ultimately I want to make a fun video.

      BUT, to my recollection, she eventually managed to tame the power. When she started she could only do one infrequent blast that would completely exhaust her, so if she missed (difficult, as it is a wide range power) she would be at the mercy of whomever she was fighting. Over time she was able to limit the effects of the power on herself. This was in part due to taking the edge off its devastation for the payoff of it not completely exhausting her. It also meant if she was careful she could fire them more consistently. It requires energy to do a Wonder-Blast, so if she has been pummelled to exhaustion and left it too late, it might not fire, which I think is what you are referring to here. HOWEVER, strong caveat… that was the non-canon ending, and in non-canon endings we suspend a lot of rules more freely.

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