• Erica “The Deceptress” Lynn… Wow!

    Three thoughts come to mind.

    1 – She has what is probably one of the world’s greatest smiles. Seriously, correct me if I’m wrong.
    2 – She sells a beatdown simply wonderfully. Does anyone look sexier in defeat? … especially total defeat!
    3 – I’m probably not the only one who wishes she was still making videos. I would have loved to have had her lose badly one more time to The Dominator in the NGChampionship ring thereby completing the trilogy of one-sided destruction.

    She will always be a favorite.

  • Again..I don’t remember seeing an Erica set with that background….anything with her bodysuit is an instant buy so if this teases a future photoset at least I’m 100% in!!

  • Look at those curves…the suit can barely contain her! Her figure is just insane like a proper bodybuilder/heroine!

    • We talked about it a year ago, but she’s in Australia and I’m in the UK. She travels a lot but the pandemic really messed things up. I hope if she’s swinging by she’ll let me know because I’d definitely want to shoot something.

  • Andrew do you remember where this photo is from? By her appearance it looks like the latter productions but I can’t find the video or email that fits the bill!

      • Sorry I didn´t mention photoset, I wanted to know what photoset it was if you remember, since I checked and I don´t have that pic! (and would love to)

          • Thanks for the data, now I have a date range to look for! By the looks of the hair is from around the time of the “Erica vs Darkheart” and “Deceptress vs Drone” photosets. Lucky me I keep the emails around, although it this is a bonus pic of the day those sets were shot it´also a win since I got to see it here!

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