Photo of the Day: July 29th

Our second heroine. The first time I met her we were still editing the first episode with Powerstar, so I really had nothing to show her, but she was very enthusiastic all the same. Things are far easier now than they were then, in terms of getting people to join or understand what we are doing, so I’m grateful to the people on those first few shoots for going along with it. She did 6 years with us.


  • I can imagine how much more difficult it must have been to find actresses back when you were first starting. It’s to your credit how awesome Season 1 is.
    Angel was definitely an amazing find

  • Honestly episode 2 is one of the hallmarks of the genre IMO, like someone had serious action with original heroines and a (prospected at the time) long running storyline, rather than cosplayers getting manhandled. Besides the actresses, even if being gorgeous still felt like real people with real bodies and it made it more immersive for me…and I´m still here after all those years.
    Probably someone did all the things I mentioned before you, but it was your company who put it all together in a neat package for me! And Anastasia/Angel was a huge part of it!

    • I’m a comparative newcomer to the site (almost 2 years) , so wasn’t around at the time, but the things you mention are exactly why I love NGC videos, and what made me stick around too.

      As someone who had already seen some Angel videos before I went back and watched her debut, I was initially confused about her powers in episode 2 😆 until it got to the end and it clicked. Ahh, that sneaky Angel

  • I think NGC movies are one of the hardest to find actresses for. They have to be good looking, good at acting and be athletic enough to pull off all of the fight moves well. Definitely miss Anastasia/Angel for all of the above reasons !

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