• Dr Mabuse says:

    Always exciting to see a new actress (two this week!), but I’m going to miss Majesty the First desperately. Here’s to a peaceful succession!

  • Wow.. So beautiful! Majesty look better than ever for me. I mean, I like the first but this one… What a look! What a lips! Come on guys, give a chance..
    Will she actually be the new Majesty or will she play the same Elizabeth Clarke?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Geo – Younger sister. It was not a good look when the original Majesty was found tied up with a humiliating sign around her neck.

  • Kostmeyer says:

    It’s a shame we’ve lost Majesty the First – she seemed like a really great character and I really enjoyed her films – did she ever make it into the main storyline though? It didn’t feel like she had a chance to make a major impact in any case, so I’m glad that you’re bringing in a legacy character for once! The new actress looks great and it will be interesting to see which side of the ‘superhuman registration/equilibrium debate she comes in on. I really feel like a ‘jumping on point’ or recap for the story might be useful now just to establish where everyone is (and who is just missing) but that could be just me falling behind!

  • Poor Lizzie, found her end for being such confident.. Even though was really strong. At least we can’t say Malicia didn’t do a good job since she was mostly responsible for Majesty downfall. Wish to know what her beautiful younger sister think about that situation. I hope we have an update on Majesty backstory. And may our new queen have a long life! <3

  • The new girl is lovely. I hope she works out well. Perhaps she’ll become a new favorite. But I will desperately miss the original Majesty. She had something special.

  • Justin Guitard says:

    So it is sad that the original isn’t coming back. But if things do eventually go back could we see that actress come back but under a different heroine or even villian. And if not then its fine, but if also the other actress who dressed as Virture and this one who is the new Majesty. What else is coming are others going to take the positions of other heroines not returning due to the pandemic like Starshot or even Spectrum, or even some old heroes like Angel and Athena since the whole different dimension thing wasn’t bad in the story with the whole Celestia being back after she was killed off in Season 4 before returning in the on going story.

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