Photo of the Day: June 11th

Don’t forget that you’ve got only 24 hours to get the UNSEEN video from ‘Falcone’s Pet’, where Marvelette gets destroyed by her one-time benefactor. Full details in yesterday’s email, don’t miss the opportunity!


  • This members gift is a welcome reminder of how great these two are, but also of how thoroughly dominated Marvelette is by her patron/master in this video. The title is fitting, because Falcone owns Marvelette from the start, beating her so decisively that it’s downright disrespectful. I’ve got a lot of affection for the character, so it hurts my feelings a bit to see her defeated so disgracefully. I also love to see her tamed and helpless, so I can get over it.

    • clutchking says:

      Definitely a rollercoaster of emotions watching this one and reliving it with this member gift footage

      She was possibly the best actress/character/costume combination ever <3

  • Marvelette shouldn’t be wearing a bra! I remember in the Equalizer she didn’t wear one and it was one of the hottest videos ever

    • Agreed with this, it made me pic Generation Z and never looked back, specially since the gold thunder part of the Ms Marvel costume fits exactly where the best part of the chest is ^^

      Comet Girl as Suki Deluxe did the same and looked amazing!

  • Her in that costume was killer, made me discover the actress and appreciate her older videos! Sad to see her gone but I hope she is doing ok now!

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