Photo of the Day: June 14th

Alias in blue, looks good, but does she look better in white?


  • Difficult choice. She’s looked amazing in everything.
    But there was something spectacular about those early photoshoots in the Virtue and Angel costumes that made me instantly fall for her. May have been something to do with the hair and makeup for those shoots, too. Super glamorous.
    And, as always, that smile 🙂

  • Not necessarily white, but she looked great in silver in the Deceptress catsuit! Even in red in the Red Glory costume! It helps that your costumes are amazing to begin with but Alias certainly brings out the best in them, almost as good as the original actresses for them!

  • She looks good in combat. Perhaps the best of all current NGC heroines. My dream is to see her fight two powered up opponents as Supremacy. No Kryptonite, just a tough fight with two superpowered guys.

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