Photo of the Day: June 14th

Shiny Celestia could be the most adored away kit in our history? What other second or third costumes do you like?


  • Yes, shiny blue Celestia is awesome!
    My other top picks for 2nd costume would be Miss Freedom’s catsuit, and Candy’s shiny metallic pink leotard

  • This is one of the great costumes. Also, Infinity Girl, Red Glory, the white Angel costume and the Starshot costume. The silver Lucy Zillion costume and the Bluebird costume. Those are my favourites.

  • Miss Freedom second costume was as if she graduated from a teen high school girl to a proper woman throwing away skirts. Felt more mature and fitted her character after the betrayal better, being the leader of Elite Force!

  • For NGC originals, Wonderstrike’s current costume, Majesty I & II, Miss Freedom’s blue ‘Powergirl’ costume and the current Carmen Black’s costume 🙂

  • Definitely love shiny Celestia (although we’ve learned in the past year or so that she can wear anything!) and Wonderstrike’s costumes got better over time (her current outfit is wonderful). I also much prefer the Power Girl Supremacy costume to the Supergirl.
    Have we seen that black number that Pandora Gold put on Comet Girl in “Are you sure you don’t want to be a bad girl?” again since that video? That costume looked dynamite. Pandora Gold’s new outfit is great too.

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